Choir management

Zdena Součková

conductor of a chorus

Conductor of the chorus Zdena Součková has been conducting all departments of the boys' chorus "Pueri gaudentes" ever since its beginning in 1990.
Zdena Součková studied pedagogy and art at the Pedagogical Secondary School in the town of Beroun. She pursued her studies further at Faculty of Drama in Prague. She majored in marionetteering. As she has always been interested in children's chorus singing her husband and she dedicated all their efforts to the difficult vocation of chorus conducting. She has been helping him to lead the famous children's chorus "Radost - Praha" ("Joy - Prague") since 1969. She also applies her pedagogical skills in the Primary Art School in Šimáčkova street in Prague where both choruses operate. In 1997 she received the Prize of František Lýsek, which is the most prestigious award for chorus conducting in the Czech Republic.


Markéta Džuneva

voice consultant

Markéta Džuneva was born in 1973 at Vrchlabí. Since her childhood she has engaged in music, especially singing. She was singing in the children’s choir Radost for 10 years. She was member of the Khün’s Mixed Choir. In 1996 she graduated from the Charles University, Faculty of Pedagogy, and two years later she finished Prague conservatory majoring in singing in the class of prof. K.Kachlíková. Already during her studies she began cooperating with the preparatory choir Koťata conducted by Zdena Součková, and since later she has been working (with the maternity break) as a voice consultant in the boys’ choir Pueri gaudentes. At the same time she teaches solo singing at the art basic school ZUŠ Šimáčkova. For several years she has been outside member of the State opera Prague choir.


Alena Vogelová


Alena Vogelová was born in 1952 in the town of Rokycany. After having graduated from the Secondary Grammar School she worked in SUPRA - computation centre. She left SUPRA because of maternity leave in 1978. She began to work again in 1990 in the House of Children and Youth. It was also then when the boys' chorus "Pueri gaudentes" was founded, and Alena Vogelova has been working with this chorus since its beginning. She has also been working in the Primary Art School in Šimáčková street since 1995. The chorus work introduced her also to other professions: nurse, cook, costumiere etc. She also organizes activities of the chorus. She is the only person that one can never see on the stage but she can always be found at the backstage.


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